Intermediate 2
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Intermediate 2

You usually take these courses if you:

  • have finished Standard Grade General level; or
  • want to take an alternative to Standard Grade Credit level; or
  • want to take up a new subject at school or college.

Generally, three national units (blocks of work that usually take 40 hours to finish) plus 40 hours flexible time make up these courses.

Media Studies: Intermediate 2

Why Media Studies?

The media play a central role in the modern world and affect society at all levels – economic, political, social, cultural and individual. This course is designed to enable you to develop knowledge and understanding of the various media and their products. You will also have the opportunity to develop skills in media technology. Throughout the course you will work on a wide range of activities, both individually and as part of a group. Intermediate 2 Media Studies makes a valuable contribution to your general education and personal development. It may also lead to further study at a more advanced level, or career opportunities.

Entry to the Course

This is at the discretion of the school/college but you would normally be expected to have attained one of the following

Course Outline

The course consists of three 40 hour units plus 40 hours flexible time.

Media Analysis: Fiction (40 hours) and Media Analysis: Non-fiction (40 hours)

The content of these units will include an introduction to the course and discussion of the specific examples of media products which most influence your life. You will learn to interpret a variety of media texts (fiction and non-fiction) and describe their relationship to social, institutional and audience contexts. Texts will be studied according to the following key aspects:

  • categories
  • language
  • narrative
  • representations
  • audiences
  • institutions
  • technologies.

Suitable examples of text for study might include:

Fiction: cinema film, soap opera, magazine/comic strip stories, lyrics.
Non-fiction: documentary, newspapers, advertisements, websites.

Media Production (40 hours)

  • In this unit you will make a contribution to a group production of media product with a specific audience in mind
  • The medium for the product will be chosen from a range including print, radio, video, audio, animation and multimedia.
  • You will gain practical experience of the issues which face media professionals and develop skills of co-operation, discussion, review and evaluation.
  • This is essentially a group activity but you will have an identifiable contribution to make to the production and be involved in various technological and non- technological tasks.

Core Skills

  • IInt.2 (SCQF 5) Problem Solving (Critical Thinking, Planning and Organising, Reviewing and Evaluating)
  • Int.2 (SCQF 5) Working with Others 

The course is assessed by a combination of internal assessment by the teacher/lecturer and an examination set and marked by the SQA.


Successful completion of this course may lead to:

Higher in

Education (NC/VQ); Training (VQ); Employment in