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Advanced Higher

You would usually take Advanced Highers in S6, or college, if you have passed Highers.


French: Advanced Higher

Why French?

The aim of this course is to allow you develop your existing ability in the four language skill areas of listening, speaking reading and writing. You will have the opportunity to acquire greater fluency, flexibility and accuracy in the language and widen your knowledge of French literature and culture.

Since the establishment of the Single European Market in 1992, many companies are seeking employees with fluency in one or more European languages. Advanced Higher French is extremely valuable for many career paths, for entry to higher or further education and for your general education and personal development. 

Entry to the Course

This is at the discretion of the school/college, but you would normally be expected to have attained one of the following:

  • Higher French units or course
  • an equivalent qualification.

Course Outline

The course is made up of one compulsory 80 hour unit and one 40 hour unit chosen from two options. Each centre will decide, in the light of the expertise of staff and the interests of the students, which of the options to offer, or whether both should be made available. It is not necessary for you to follow the same option as you studied at Higher level.

Language (80 hours)

This unit builds on your prior learning and develops all language skills for use in a range of purposes. The content of the unit is defined in three main themes:

Personal, social and cultural issues

  • patterns of family life
  • media and the arts.

Topical and cultural issues

  • European issues
  • issues relating to countries where the language is spoken.

Environmental issues

  • pollution
  • conservation.

Throughout the unit, you will have the opportunity to use your speaking and writing skills in discussion and debate on these issues.

Extended Reading / Viewing or Language in Work (40 hours)

These units are designed to enable you to develop particular language skills in line with your personal or vocational needs and interests.

Extended Reading / Viewing provides the opportunity to extend your reading of literary texts, with or without the related videos or films.

Language in Work uses source material from texts on sectors of business and industry such as Tourism, Information Technology or Business Studies.

Core Skills

There is no automatic certification of core skills or core skills components in this course.


Units are assessed internally by your teacher/lecturer. External assessment of the course by the SQA involves:

  • a written examination
  • an oral assessment (speaking and listening)
  • submission of a folio of work.


Successful completion of this course may lead to:

Education (HNC/HND/Degree) or Employment in