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Advanced Higher

You would usually take Advanced Highers in S6, or college, if you have passed Highers.


Business Management: Advanced Higher

Why Business Management?

This course is designed to extend your knowledge and understanding of business activity with particular reference to the role of enterprise. It deals with the main issues currently facing business in Scotland and in the international environment. It provides you with the opportunity to develop your decision making and problem solving skills through the study of management issues in a variety of situations. A practical approach to the preparation of plans for business makes the course appropriate if you are planning further study or intending to enter employment in this field.

Entry to the Course

This is at the discretion of the school/college but you would normally be expected to have attained

Course Outline

The course consists of three 40 hour units and 40 hours flexible time.

Managing Organisations: The External Environment (40 hours)

This unit enables you to:

  • analyse the activities of transnational companies - their growth, methods and effects on host countries
  • assess the impact of the European Union (EU) on UK business
  • analyse a current issue affecting the operation of business enterprises, for example business ethics, globalisation, environmental issues or technological change.

Managing Organisations: The Internal Environment (40 hours)

This unit enables you to:

  • analyse the management of organisations - looking at managerial roles, management theories, methods to increase motivation, the role of teams, leadership theories and styles, the personal effectiveness of managers
  • advise on the management of change - looking at the factors that cause or hold back change, the stages of change and the range of approaches to change management.

Researching a Business

This unit enables you to:

  • assess a business situation - you will gather information on a business organisation of your choice, and use the information to assess the current situation of the business - including analysing the decision making process, carrying out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and identifying the main stakeholders of the business.

 Core Skills

  • This unit does not lead to the automatic award of any Core Skills.


Units are assessed internally in accordance with SQA guidelines.

The course is assessed by a written examination, set and marked by the SQA.


Successful completion of this course may lead to:

Education (HNC/ HND) /Degree or Employment in